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November 30th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Piazza degli Affari, 6 - Milano

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Fedeli is a brand connected to a defined style, a style that becomes a real way of being , in which the value is mirrored by the intrinsic quality of things, a perfect union between the highest Italian manufacture and threads of excellent quality, interpreting the new classical Italian fashion according to the current aesthetic rules and contemporary life style. Thanks to the technical experience it has gained in seventy years of activity, the company Fedeli can use and process all threads: cotton, linen, silk, yet its specificity is in the production of cashmere knitwear. Thanks to the manufacture of two man- and woman-collections per season, Fedeli can offer a wide range of products which, besides the knitwear, also include upper-body wear like cashmere-wound sport-coats, and a selection of accessories that vary according to the season, from hats, scarves and gloves in winter, to golf-shirts, shirts, swimming trunks, bags and beach towels in the summer collection. Every collection can always offer new chromatic ranges with different patterns, for a modern glamour together with the classy style and elegance that, since the very beginning, have always characterized Fedeli’s production.


Aurora: since 1919, Italian passion, sign of distinction. Aurora, the leading Italian manufacturer of fountain Pens, was founded in Turin in 1919, just after the end of the World War I. The name chosen for the company expressed the hope for a better and brighter future, marking a new start (aurora, the dawn) for writing in Italy. In more than eightyfive years of business activity, Aurora has written some of the most important pages in the history of writing. Recently Aurora extended its offer with the new Leather Goods Collection and the Paper Line: refined materials and quality finishings for exclusive lines that match the needs of those who love to own distinguished objects that endure over time. The new products offer fans of writing instruments a worthy companion for their pens, and at the same time, a line of accessories enjoying great class for each moment of the day. Aurora’s broad product range, true masterpieces of Italian craftwork, are recognised and esteemed all over the world and originate from a rich cultural heritage and a long tradition of success.

Alfa Romeo

The new Alfa Romeo era... Exploiting the very latest developements in technology has made the new Alfa Romeo cars decisively superior, offering the highest level of dynamic response, comfort and safety, both passive and active. All done whilst maintaining the traditional character and sporting style of Alfa Romeo and its unmistakeably Italian temperament.

S. Pallegrino

Along with fashion and design, S.Pellegrino mineral water is one of the international symbols of the Italian way of living. The most exclusive hotels and restaurants in the world serve this famous Italian mineral water with the red star on the label. There are no fashion events at which S.Pellegrino mineral water doesn't play a role, and the same applies to sailing regattas, the water sport that more than any other attracts a public of refined enthusiasts.


WGSN is the world's leading online research, trend analysis and news service, created to aid and inspire every organisation involved in the many fast-moving and interrelated style industries. Launched in early 1998 by founders Julian and Marc Worth, WGSN is sweeping the style industry, being viewed as the most dynamic and successful service to emerge online. More on

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau, worldwide leader in the high-end design and furniture industry, is a long-heritage brand founded in Italy in 1912. With more than 90 years of tradition, Poltrona Frau manufactures and distributes exclusive and top quality products with both classic and contemporary design. It has a strong retail presence (more than 50 monobrand points of sale in Italy and abroad) and direct control over the craftsmanship of each step of the entire production cycle. The company’s core business is represented by the activities in the residential and office sectors. Poltrona Frau has also successfully extended its activity to top of the range car interiors (Ferrari and Maserati), planes, helicopters and boats and is a worldwide leader in high quality contract projects for public spaces.


Nescafè is in Italy the leader on soluble coffee market. Since 1983, when he was born, he was able to update through the last fashion and tendency. Nescafè is able to understand and satify owns consumer's desires. Nescafè is not only a product, but also the symbol of real style of life. Nescafè is always present in every moments of the day, during relax time and busy one. With Nescafè "Red Cup" he represents the modern style to drink a coffee.


Meras, has been doing business on the Italian and international markets for more than 35 years and is nowadays one of the world’s major zipper producers, developing new ideas and customised products for customers who deserve the best. Meras produces approximately 30 millions zippers per year for domestic and international markets. Our growth is due to our attention to quality, functional and aesthetic, to service - like fast production and on time deliveries which were our must in the last 15 years. Creativity too is recognized by the market as power to propose exclusive and new products for luxury market, details and sobriety making the difference, the “crazy” fashion sector and premium market, nice and price-reasonable. To this, add a complete range of products. All these elements are the strength and success of Meras.. the best of Made in Italy.

Caffé Vergnano

Caffé Vergnano is an important production reality in the field of coffee, that has been managed with care and commitment by the Vergnano family for four generations. With the plant of Santena covering 8000 square meters, equipped with nine automated production lines, and a growth in terms of a two-digit figure from 2001 till today, Vergnano ranks among the first coffee producers in Italy. A solid Company aiming at the perfect product quality and making an added value out of tradition, in order to gain success on the Italian market and conquer new important spaces on the international scenario. This success should be ascribed to the constant search for quality perfection, which true coffee connoisseurs have appreciated and acknowledged to Caffé Vergnano for over a century. Since 1882 Caffé Vergnano have delighted the palates of their customers with a wide range of products available both through the channel of mass market and through coffee bars. Since September 2005 a new high-impact TV campaign has been on air, where Franco Vergnano, Managing Director of the Company, inspires the love for the rite of coffee in Oscar-awarded Dustin Hoffman.

Gruppo Maggiore

Thank to its long experience in the industry and to its precise knoledge of Italy’s culture and territory, Gruppo Maggiore has built a diversified system of solutions that aims at solving all the needs of autotransportation in the country. From this idea stemmed both Maggiore Rent and Maggiore Fleet. New initiatives constantly propose ways of satisfying the changing needs of clients, among which individuals, families, Companies, big organizations.

Lindt & Sprüngli

Lindt & Sprüngli, swiss company and leading brand in production and distribution of the finest quality chocolate since 1845. Today, the company is present over the main international markets. For this occasion Lindt endorses the trend through fashion and design. Lindt’s key to success is based on four crucial values, which have always defined Lindt production and its consumer identity: tradition, originating in over 150 years of experience in producing the finest quality chocolate; quality, which means the utmost care at every stage of the production process, starting from the choice of raw materials up to research of the most suitable packaging for each different type of product; Swiss roots, which is synonymous with quality and lastly, love, which for Lindt means taking care of the tiniest detail for every product put on the market.

MiMa Club

MilanoManhattan is an exclusive club for those who live and work in Milano and New York City, created to promote a commercial and cultural exchange between these two vibrant cities, while meeting the unique needs and expectations of sophisticated business travelers. MiMa’s unique club offers a variety of privileges and exceptional services designed with these discerning business people in mind. First, exclusive business class flights: a unique Airbus Corporate Jet 319 with 48 all business-class seats and departure from the executive Terminal in Milano (Terminal ATA – Linate). The Concierge service is the main exclusive feature of the MilanoManhattan Club. This service accompanies the member right down the line: from flights booking to coordination in the airport to ease and facilitate check-in and arrival procedures, from round-the-clock telephone assistance, to reservations for restaurants, exclusive events, exhibitions, and even relaxing health treatment in top-class thermal spas.For more details