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November 19th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Milan - Piazza degli Affari, 6

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CEO, 18 Montenapoleone Retail Consultancy & Brokerage

Antonella Mastrototaro is CEO of 18 Montenapoleone Retail Consultancy & Brokerage, a company leader in high street retail development that was founded in 2010 together with Maristella Brambilla and Laura Malgrati. Specialized in retail brokerage, she is considered among the most reliable professionals in the field thanks to her significant and efficient experience. In 1977 she starts her professional activity founding FIM – Fabbrica Italiana di Mediazione, that was then acquired by Pirelli Re in 2004. During the 90s she plays a leading role in the constitution and development of the Quadrilatero luxury shopping district in Milan thanks to the innovative opening of flagship stores by the side of fashion brands that at that time was not present in the direct retail market yet and to her proven capability in strategically getting in advance market assets, both big players and rising ones, that have in the Quadrilatero their focus point. Because “a shopping window in the Quadrilatero models 365 days a year”: