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November 19th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Milan - Piazza degli Affari, 6

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Guglielmo MIANI

President & Ceo, Larusmiani

Born in Milan in 1976, Guglielmo Miani decided to continue his education in the United States, graduating in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Wellesley’s Babson College, one of the top-ranking schools for these disciplines. It was also in the United States that he first entered the world of work, joining Prudential Securities in Boston, where he worked in banking. It was in 2000, after his return to Italy, that Miani became involved in the textile industry, acquiring a specific know - how. He first did an internship in the textile chemistry department at Ciba Specialty Chemicals and then, the same year, joined LARUSMIANI S.p.A., the family business founded by his grandfather, Guglielmo, in the Twenties and which went on to become a worldwide success over the years.

Guglielmo Miani’s career at LARUSMIANI began with small steps, first in the style office, then in production in the textile division, and finally in sales, where he initially held the position of Area Manager for the Emilia Romagna area. His professional growth and the experience accumulated led Miani to become first Export Manager and finally, in 2004, Director Business Development.

In 2006 he was appointed Larusmiani CEO and since 2011 President. Today, Guglielmo Miani is the Guardian of LARUSMIANI’s values.

The constant strive towards quality, style and refinement contributes to make the Brand and Made in Italy a success throughout the world. Guglielmo Miani has two children and has always nurtured a great interest in the arts, a passion that has led him to be always aware of new trends in design, painting, sculpture and music. He is also a great sailing and car-enthusiast.

Since 2010, he is President of the Associazione della Via MonteNapoleone that gathers and represents the 110 most prestigious Brands of Milan fashion district and Member of the Board of Confcommercio, the businesses Italian General Confederation that associates more than 700.000 companies.