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November 21th

Nhow hotel - Via Tortona 35

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Chairman, Valentino SpA

Born in Rome 40 years ago.
Joined the Marzotto Group in January 1992.
Production experience in the textile sector (1992).
Sales/trade-marketing in the Woollen Yarn Division (1993-July 1995).
Administration-Finance-Audit-M&A Holding Marzotto SpA: assistant to the General Director (September 1995-December 1996).
Key-account/Marketing Executive, Lanerossi Textile Division (January-November 1997).
Director, Interior Design Division (December 1997-December 1999).
Director, Ferrè and Women Division (December 1999-December 2002).
Co-Director General, Marzotto Clothing Area (from June 2002), Valentino Fashion Group SpA (from July 2005).
Member of the Marzotto Distribuzione SpA Board of Directors (from February 2000); Managing Director (June 2002-April 2003).
Member of the Valentino SpA Board of Directors.
Chief Operating Officer, Valentino SpA (January 2003 – September 2006).
Chairman, Valentino SpA (September 2006)
Member of the VFG Distribuzione SpA Board of Directors (from July 2005).
Responsible for numerous projects in the textile and clothing supply chain; among others: trade-unions, internal and external trade training, re-planning and repositioning of brands, competitors’ benchmarking, etc.
Member of the Executive Board of Confindustria’s Young Entrepreneurs Group (1994-1999). Member of the Economic Relationships Commission (1995-1997). Deputy Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Veneto’s Industry Federation (November 1996-1998).
Member of the Zignago Vetro SpA Board of Directors (May 1992-June 2000).
Founding Member (from January 1998) and Deputy Chairman (from May 2006) of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Board of Directors.
Interested in nature and active sports (member of the motocross under-21 national team in 1987; 4 Paris-Dakar motor races 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006; 9-time participant in the Vasaloppet, Sweden, the world’s longest cross-country ski race, road cycle racing, running, etc.); also interested in flying disciplines (plane and helicopter pilot).
Enjoys classical music, painting and sculpture.